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What is MISA?

Modern International Socialist Association is a political organisation dedicated to (1) the abolition of capitalism and (2) the replacement of it with socialism. We are composed of a central committee, two wings (the Capitalist Abation Wing and the Socialist Propagation Wing) as well as the working groups. There is more information on the structure in the structural document. While, currently, our aims aren't particularly specific, they are broad to all growth and adaptation in order to combat capitalism and spread socialism dynamically.

Why are there so many hierarchies?

We still live under a capitalist system. A capitalist system that, in particular, has a well organised state that seeks out and destroys opposition. To combat this, we require an equally strong, if not stronger, organisation of brothers, sisters and comrades of all descriptions. In order to do so, in order to handle infiltrations directed by federal agencies or otherwise we must maintain a hierarchy especially under the current wider societal conditions, at leastuntil we gain sufficient power and size. That being said, we have planned the reduction of these hierarchies depending upon the size and power of our organisation to phase out, or at least reduce, the hierarchies.

What are the structural phases and which one are we on?

We are currently in phase I.
Phase I: Premier Rule. In this phase, the Central Committee (CC) is appointed by the Premier, who is currently Breadinator.
Phase II. Partially Self-sufficient Rule I: CC members, excluding floating CC members, appoint CC members.
Phase III: Partially Self-sufficient Rule II. Appointed CC members are phased out to be replaced by elected ones.
Phase IV: Self-sufficent Rule. All CC members are elected by members of MISA.
Phase V: This is completely undecided. What happens after will be decided later - whether it's the complete dissolution of the CC or otherwise.
Please note that these phases may be subject to change.

What is the central committee and who is in it?

For information on this, go here.

Why Discord?

We use discord because of its ease of use. We are aware of its security flaws and are planning on transfering partially or completely to an alternative, such as riot.im or even demonsaw. The Communications Working Group will oversee this. We also plan on, in the future, expanding out of Discord and into real life.

How can I help?

First you should join and become a member. In order to do so, visit our discord. After that you can participate in our activities via joining and contributing to Working Groups and direct those Working Groups by participating in the Wings.


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